Are You Washing Your Face Too Much?

If you have generally oily skin and your post wash skin is feeling dry or flaky, you might be taking that daily face washing ritual a bit too far. Read on if you can relate.

Most of us wash our face at least once a day. I mean even when we go make up free, it’s important to remove the dirt and oil that’s built up over the day. If we don’t, it’s almost like asking for an acne breakout. I’m even guilty of washing my face three times a day, especially if I’ve been out and about on a hot, sweaty day.

But where do you draw the line on too much of a good thing? A sure shot sign that that you may be over washing your face is when you skin starts feeling “tight & dry” right after washing. Sometimes, you may even see a bit of sensitivity with dry, reddish patches. The products you use also have a part to play – especially cleansers created for acne.

Most people reason that having oily skin means that you have to be extra diligent about washing your skin out. Not so. It's an easy mistake to make. In fact, drying products tend to make our skin overcompensate by producing more oils explains Allure Beauty.

So how often should you wash your face? It really depends on your lifestyle – you may want to skip cleansing first thing in the morning and defer to washing your face after a sweat session at the gym. You may need an extra cleanse if you need to wear heavy makeup for an occasion. Outside of non-routine events, 1-2 times daily is the general range. 

I’m a twice-daily face wash kinda girl.

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