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Are you killing the planet with your un-boxing experiences?

Who hasn't seen the gory images of oceans with floating plastic islands? Almost 80% of the waste you've seen there comes from packaging materials. So many of our everyday purchases come securely wrapped with layers of unnecessary plastic and non biodegradable material, so that they appear secure, sanitary and safe to the consumer's eye. I can recall so many instances, where I've been guilty of picking up packages that have been shrink wrapped in plastic, because they are more likely to have not leaked in transit or been contaminated by pests.  When I first started thinking about Rooted so many years ago, little did I know that I would receive an education on so many fronts - esp. packaging. My...

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Pimple and Acne Cure With Natural Home Remedies

Often confused as the same, acne and pimples are different. Though many of us have suffered from either or both- acne & pimple breakouts, knowing how to differentiate one from another is important before tackling them. Lets know a little more about pimple & acne- causes & cure with natural home remedies. Acne, is a more broader term to describe break outs that are more persistent & caused due to blockage of follicles whereas pimples are caused by blocked skin pores & may occur infrequently. Another difference to note is that acne may or may not have a head & can be a cause of hereditary factors. Suffered mostly but not necessarily during teen & adolescent stages due to hormonal...

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Super Easy Summer Skincare Tips

Having fun under the sun is great but going slack on your skincare routine during summers is not! These easy summer skincare tips will ensure that you enjoy a beautiful and healthy summer glow.

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