From an idea to a need, blossoming into a business | Our Story

Every idea stems from a need, a need that remains unfulfilled unless you make it happen. That is how Rooted was born.

When my first-born came along, she was allergic to the ingredients in the off-the-shelf baby products. I tried everything, from those claiming to be completely organic to others that were developed for sensitive baby skin - but nothing helped. 

That's when I decided to make her some skin cream myself. I moved on to diaper rash cream, bug spray was grew from one product to many. Anything my kids grew to require, I created. And I shared - I shared a lot. My friends and family became die-hard fans. And that's when I knew I was on to something. Some thing good. Some thing great! Something needed by others, outside of my immediate circle.

We've been experimenting and refining our recipes and techniques since 2011. And now we are ready to share with YOU.

We have 100% handmade organics that will bring you amazing results. With pure ingredients that are sourced from the world-over, our products are as true to nature's goodness as you can get.

Our core philosophy is to provide non-toxic, safe wellness products for personal care. They are fresh, natural, plant based ingredient combinations that bring about fantastic results to your wellness.

Hand-crafted with loving care and passion specially for you at an affordable price tag, we make all our products in micro-batches, when you order, so that you get the best quality.

We continue to remain free from toxic industrial chemicals, parabens and sulphates; only using naturally occurring preservatives.


Did you know our little Rooted bag has been a busy traveller?. Check out the many places it has been to on the map below! P.S. Send us pictures of your travels with Rooted & we'll add it on here.

Note: Rooted is a brand owned & promoted by Three Roses Wellness & Vitality LLP, located in Bengaluru, India.