Mosquito Menace and Remedies

A small but one of the most dreaded insect—that’s what a mosquito is. In general mosquito bites cause a red, itchy allergic reaction on the skin called “skeeter syndrome”, which is a reaction caused by our immune system to the proteins in the mosquito saliva. However, in some cases, a mosquito bite can be much more harmful than just causing an allergic reaction in the body. Various mosquito species are known to be the carriers of many viruses that cause deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and yellow fever. If not treated properly and in time, these diseases may turn out to be fatal!



There are some general precautions that we all take, such as wearing full sleeves clothes, using mosquito nets and applying repellents. While the full sleeves and the mosquito nets are safe to use, but have you ever wondered if the mosquito repellents are safe for your skin? No doubt most of them may be effective in saving us from nasty mosquito bites but one needs to be mindful of what we apply on the skin. It is important that you avoid regular use of chemical-based repellents and use repellents that have natural ingredients instead. Let’s look at some effective natural mosquito repellents that are either ready to use or can be easily made at home.


Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus oil is one of the most effective natural product that can be used as natural mosquito repellent. You can safely apply the oil on your skin by mixing it in a 2:1 ratio with lemon oil.  

Eucalyptus and lemon oil, if used together, are very effective against mosquitoes. Make sure you mix the two in a carrier or base oil like almond oil. 30 ml of almond oil and just 3-5 drops of the eucalyptus and lemon oil mix will be sufficient for application.


In addition to its application on the body, you can even put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a vapor diffuser and leave the diffuser turned on in your room. The vapors will drive all the mosquitoes out of the room in a matter of minutes!


Lavender and Tea-Tree Oil


Another very effective home remedy to tackle the mosquito menace is a combination of lavender and tea tree oils. In addition to being very nourishing for the skin, these oils keep the mosquitoes away.

Mix the two in a 2:1 ratio and use 30 ml of almond oil as the carrier oil for the essential oils mix for a mosquito-free, fragrant-filled season!





Garlic and Clove Oil


Another very effective mosquito repellent is a mix of garlic and clove oils. This should be tried by people who are okay with use ofstrong fragrances. Also, effective it may be, it is not recommended for people with very sensitive skin. To prepare the repellent, mix 3-5 drops of both oils in a 1:1 ratio and then mix the essential oils in 50 ml of water. Pour the water in a spray bottle and spray on the body to get rid of mosquitoes. Make sure that you do not spray directlyover your eyes.



Neem and Thyme Oil


Another strong repellent is a mix of virgin neem oil and thyme oil. Mix 3-5 drops of each oil in 30 ml water, pour in a spray bottle and spray on the body when needed. Similar to the eucalyptus oil mix, you can put the neem and thyme oil mix in a diffuser and leave the diffuser turned on in the room. The mosquitoes would fly for their lives—right out of your room!



Rooted Organics Mosquito Spray


While these are some great recipes to make, one may simply want to buy a natural, safe and ready-to-use organic mosquito repellent. Rooted Organics has a range of plant based and 100% handcrafted skincare care products and one of the most popular product is the organic mosquito spray. Enriched with the goodness of ingredients like witch hazel, citronella, lemongrass and peppermint the spray stays effective for good 4-6 hours. This affordable, organic and easy-to-carry spray is priced at INR 300 only.


Now some words of caution. While there is nothing better than making a personal care product at home or even using an organic readymade product from the market—there are a few things you should keep in mind. An important thing about using essential oils is that they should not be used for infants below 6 months or should not be used by pregnant women or patients of high blood pressure unless under medical advice. Note that people with highly sensitive skin should always do a patch test before using a new product or even a homemade product.


A patch test is recommended for all first-time users. A simple method to do this is—spray or apply the product on the inner side of your arm and leave it for 24hrs. if you notice signs of skin irritation at the area of application within 24 hours, rinse off the product under running water for 10-15 minutes and avoid the product in the future.


We hope that these natural methods  helps you stay safe against the deadly mosquitoes. While using these products are a good option, it is also important that you keep your surroundings clean and follow general hygiene rules in and around your neighborhood!