Common Face Mask Application Mistakes

Applying a face mask on your face is one of the most common beauty routines that you may be following on a regular basis. But have you really paid attention on what you could be doing wrong with this one simple yet important step in keeping yourselves beautiful? You would be surprised on what all could be going wrong and its consequences on your skin. Here is a list of some common mistakes you could be committing with respect to your face masks.

1. Ignoring your skin type
It is extremely important to know your skin type before selecting a face mask. The correct fact mask for your skin type will yield best results for you. There are many ways to determine your skin type. Applying a wrong type of mask can harm instead of benefitting your skin. For example, a clove mask meant for acne prone skin can be extremely harmful for people with sensitive skin or an oil extracting face mask meant for oily skin if used by a person with dry skin can create even more dryness and frequent use can lead to wrinkles. Here are a few simple Aloe Vera based face masks according to skin types to get you started.

2. Over-doing the same mask
There are a wide variety of masks available for each skin type in the market. Use of only one type of mask for a long time stops benefitting your skin. For reaping maximum benefits of a face mask, you must keep changing the product, which would mean enriching the skin with new benefits each time. 

3. Infrequent application of face masks
Infrequent application of face masks doesn’t provide the desired benefits to the skin. If problems with your skin have persisted for many months or years; then you should not expect results with only a few applications of skin wellness products. There must be some regularity in application of these products. For most face masks, the application frequency is mentioned in the instructions provided with the product. If not or if unsure, you can safely apply a mask every 15-20 days. On that note, remember that that even very frequent application of a face mask is equally harmful. You must take a wise call when deciding on application frequency for yourself.

4. Using inferior quality products
Using products with harsh or harmful chemical ingredients can be harmful for your skin. Frequent use of local non-branded products or products with chemical base are more harmful than beneficial for your skin. Nowadays one has access to a variety of  trustworthy organic products that are safe and work like magic for your skin. One such trusted name is Rooted Organics that makes a variety of face masks with natural ingredients that are highly beneficial for your skin. You should always make a wise and informed choice. Saving some money and buying an inferior beauty product, especially for applying on the skin should never cross your mind.

5. Not following a hygienic method for application
It is very important that you do not touch your face with dirty hands when applying the mask. Even when mixing ingredients for a face mask, you should make sure that your hands are clean. It is very important that you sanitize your hands before dealing with a face mask as otherwise your hands can transfer not only mud, dirt or pollutants to the mask but also harmful microorganisms leading to skin allergies or reactions.

6. Avoiding cleansing
Cleansing of the face is the initial step before application of a face mask. Your skin is exposed to so many things like pollutants, dust and germs. Your skin will benefit a lot if you cleanse your face with a mild, organic, safe product before you apply a face mask. You can select from a wide range of products available from Rooted Organics for cleansing your skin.

7. Wrong application
There is a proper method that you need to follow to apply the mask on your face. As you know that the masks become stiff after some time on the face. If you keep applying the mask in a wrong direction, it can lead to a dull look. Pulling of the skin in wrong direction can cause wrinkles on the skin. The solution is to gain knowledge before application of the product. In most cases, the instructions with the product will mention a suggested way of application. You can also check with an expert or a beauty professional for application guidance.

8. Talking and laughing with the mask on
Talking, laughing or making any expressions is a complete no after applying a face mask. You must keep your face expressionless and avoid talking or laughing after applying face mask. The skin is elastic in nature. If you talk or laugh after application of the mask, the mask would get some undesired lines or stretches which would in-turn stretch the skin in the wrong direction and lead to wrinkles.

9. Applying too much or too little
The product you use should neither be too much or too little in quantity. It is very important to read through the instructions for the quantity to be used. If you use too little, it shows little results or even no results in some cases. Too much quantity does not mean more benefits— in fact, in some cases applying too much product on the face could harm more than benefit you. For example, it could lead to unwanted reactions, wrinkle or acne.

10. Not moisturizing after removing the mask
After washing away the face mask, it is extremely important to use an appropriate moisturizer to keep the face moisturized. The moisturizer that you apply should preferably be organic.  Not moisturizing may lead to dryness, which is extremely undesirable.
While it is important to take care of our skin with the right products, it is also very important to avoid these above-mentioned mistakes when using those products. Make wise choices and prefer organic, and trusty worthy products which would increase the value of your face. Select from the various products available from the stable of Rooted and you will notice how your skin starts looking ravishing with each application!