Getting Rid of Scars and Stretch Marks – The Natural Way

Scars, or, as a matter of fact, any mark on your body that looks unpleasant not only affects you physically but emotionally as well. However, one should not get despondent because of them as for most of such scars there are ways to either get rid of them completely or to at least lighten them.
But, remember—not all remedies are suitable for all. Some may be expensive, some painful, some not so effective. All remedies and their effects depend upon the nature and type of scars, acne marks or stretch marks.
Let’s talk about scars and marks that can be taken care of with simple home remedies made or with some recommended quality products available off the shelf:

cne Scars
The most common of all and the most dreaded scars are the Acne scars. To treat these scars, take:
Lavender oil (prevents scarring, antiseptic, antibiotic, antioxidant)
Tea tree (antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic)
Use avocado or apricot oil as carrier oils (we recommended using oils by Rooted, which are pure, organic, trusted and very effective)
Mix 2-3 drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil in 30 ml of any of the recommended carrier oils. Apply on the scars caused by acne and leave it overnight. Do the same for minimum of a month for best results.
If you can’t find the oils or do not want to prepare the remedy at home, you can also purchase the readymade Acne Control Kit by Rooted. This kit contains the following great products:

Witch hazel hydrosol
: A mist to tone your skin and reduce marks caused by acne. Just spray the mist twice on your face after washing with a mild soap and wait for it to air dry.
Cold pressed argan oil: An elixir for skin and hair, enriched with vitamins and minerals, an antioxidant, toner, exfoliator and moisturizer for acne prone skin. Use after the witch hazel hydrosol has dried on your face. Spread one pump of this argan oil spray mist on to face and neck in an upward motion. Ensure you wash your hands before this step.
Rhassoul clay kit: A hydrating mask as well as an exfoliator. Apply once a week for excellent results.
Rose water hydrosol: For acute acne flares, use rose water twice daily to soothe skin and calm flare-ups.

Stretch Marks
Another cause of concern are stretch marks. These marks can be a result of various reasons, such as obesity, pregnancy or sudden weight gain due to hormonal imbalance. All these and many more reasons can cause stretching of the skin cells that results in tearing off and discoloring of the skin. These marks may become lighter in color but do not go away completely. There are a few remedies that can help reduce the appearance considerably. Starting the treatment for stretch marks as soon as you notice them will provide the best results. For preparing one such remedy, take:

Argan oil 3-4 drops (we recommend using the oil from Rooted). If pregnant, use only after consulting with your health care provider.
Rosehip oil 3-4 drops (reduces appearance of scars)
Cedar wood oil 3-4 drops (relieves pain, reduces redness and inflammation)
Coconut oil 30 ml (antioxidant and a great moisturizer. Again, we recommend using the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Rooted’s catalogue)
Vit-E oil 10 ml
Almond oil 10 ml (extremely rich in Vit E. Helps in reducing appearance of the marks)
Mix all these ingredients and apply over the area where you see reddish appearance of stretch lines on the skin. Apply thrice every day for a minimum of 1 to 2 months without break and you will notice the marks getting lighter.
Another great treatment conveniently available in the market is a trustworthy product by ROOTED

Blooming belly balm: The balm is enriched with the goodness of essential oils like Neroli (reduces pain, antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-microbial), Frankincense oil (evens out the skin tone, lightens skin color, reduces the appearance of marks and scars, smoothens skin). The balm also has the goodness of rose hip oil (reduces itching, moisturizes skin). To use the product, just apply the balm in a small quantity after bath and once before bed time. Massage the product gently over your belly or the affected area. A great substitute and an easy alternative to homemade remedies.

Old Surgery Marks
Surgeries can leave you with memories for life that you don’t want to remember, especially in the form of scars. You can use some remedies to soothe out these scars or marks. For one such effective remedy take:

Rose hip oil 3-4 drops (reduces appearance of scars, removes discoloration and redness)
Carrot seed oil 3-4 drops (reduces appearance of old scars and marks)
Jojoba oil 30 ml (used as carrier oil. We recommend using the oil from Rooted)
Mix all the essential oils in jojoba in the recommended quantities and apply over the scars. Note that these scars or masks will not disappear instantly, and it may take around 4-6 months to see results. So, along with continuing the treatment another thing that’s extremely important is keeping patience!

Fresh Surgery/Injury Marks
Note: No remedy should be used immediately post-surgery or injury; let the wound heal naturally for a month or so before u start treating it for removal. Do not start any home remedies without consulting your doctors. One of the home remedies that has proven to be very effective will require you to take:
Lavender oil 10 ml (prevents scarring, promotes cell growth, antiseptic, anti-biotic, anti-oxidant, repairs damaged skin tissues, increases collagen, closes the wounds by shrinking it)
Frankincense oil 4-5 drops (evens the skin tone, smoothens skin, kills bacteria, lightens skin, produces new cells)
Geranium oil 4-5 drops (evens the skin tone, promotes new cell growth, antiseptic, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial; has great wound-healing properties)
Coconut oil 30 ml (we recommend using the oil from Rooted. Moisturizes the skin and makes it soft, promotes collagen production and is also an anti-oxidant)
Mix all the essential oils in organic extra virgin coconut oil by Rooted and apply on the scarred area at least thrice daily and see great results. Give it around a month’s time to start seeing some positive results. Remember that all scars and marks do not go away completely. Also, they may take time to show results of reduction in appearance. As mentioned before, patience is an extremely important ingredient in these treatments.

Burn Marks
Burn marks will disappear completely only if they are superficial and only affecting the dermis layer of the skin. If the burn penetrated through the second and the third layers of the skin, the marks these burns can leave are usually permanent and require a cosmetic surgery for removal. Listed below are some ingredients that you can use to prepare a remedy for burn marks:
Coconut oil 30 ml (preferably by Rooted)
Apricot oil 3-4 drops (we recommend using the oil from Rooted. It moisturizes and firms up the skin, is Vit A and E rich and a great skin healer)
Tea tree oil 3-4 drops (great healing power, antiseptic, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory)
Argan oil 3-4 drops (We recommend using the oil from Rooted. Is anti-inflammatory, rich in omega fatty acids and Vit E)
All above essential oils must be mixed with coconut oil in given quantiles. Apply on the bruised area at least twice daily. Results will be visible within 7-15 days depending on the area and the depth of the burn.
All above essential oils must be mixed with coconut oil in given quantiles. Apply on the bruised area at least twice daily.
Results will be visible within 7-15 days depending on the area and the depth of the burn.

Please note that all the recipes shared here contain essential oils and it is highly recommended that you consult your health care provider before using these remedies if you are pregnant, Blood pressure or heart patient, asthmatic or if you are taking medication for any ailment. Post-surgery patients and burn victims may also need to discuss with their doctors before using any home remedies.

Keep Patience and Quick Healing!