Know More About Glycols: Purpose, Effects, and Alternatives

Skin is the largest external organ of the body but sadly the one of the most neglected one as well. Although in recent times many people have become conscious and have started paying attention on the wellbeing of their skin but still we have a long way to go.

While our diet and skin care practices have changed over time, not all changes have proved to be beneficial. We have moved from organic foods and skin care products to artificial or chemical based replacements. Studies show that these chemical-based food items and cosmetics have adverse effects on the health of our skin.

Our ancestors used to take care of their skin with organic products like milk baths, body scrubs (ubtans) made of chickpea flour and turmeric, yoghurt and almond. They even used to cleanse their skin with pure rose water. But today the products we use are all chemical-based readymade products mostly because these products are easily available and are cost effective.
Many of us know that our skin needs care and in the want of that we buy a variety of skin care products. However, often we buy those without even reading what these fancy products contain and how harmful these ingredients may be for our skin. While the list of harmful ingredients present in cosmetics is endless, some commonly found harmful ingredients are sulfates, lead, mercury, parabens, polyethylene, and formaldehydes. However, if there is one ingredient that stands out as the most common and harmful is Glycol.

Propylene glycol or butylene glycol are some common chemicals found in many skin care products. It is a known fact that petroleum extracted chemicals called glycols have become a part of many products and may now be present in many skin care products that we are buying. 

Purpose of Glycol:
Manufacturers of products that contain glycol claim that it helps retain moisture of the skin and penetrates deep in the skin which further ensures that skin receive the maximum benefit of the products. Glycol is also claimed to act as a preservative and reduces flakiness and gives a smoother look and feel to the skin. While it is claimed to be organic, research shows that it is mostly chemically made. It is an ingredient included in many products like makeup, face creams, shampoos, cleansers and deodorants.

While glycol is claimed to do all that and more, in reality it is an extremely strong chemical—so much so that it is used in many surface cleaners too. Imagine how harsh it must be on our skin and the negative effects that it can have. It is such a widely used chemical that its high time we understand the damage that it can do to our skin and scalp.

Effects of Glycol:
This claimed moisturizing agent in skin care products carries with it some extremely dangerous side effects. Research shows traces of Glycol may contribute in causing cancer, reproductive toxicity, and allergies. In fact, many people suffer from skin irritation after using cosmetics containing Propylene Glycol. It is highly recommended that people with sensitive skin and problems like eczema should be very careful while using products that contain glycols as it can be extremely harmful for them.

Some glycols penetrate so deep within the skin that it reaches the dermis layer and tends to carry other chemicals with it, which can cause great damage to the skin. Research shows that the workers working in factories producing such cosmetics and dealing with such chemicals suffer with organ absorption of these chemicals. This badly affects their vital organs like liver, kidney and brain.

So, What’s the Alternative?
So, if glycol is so harmful and if it is present in almost all cosmetics should we stop using all products to avoid the chemical? Should we just stop taking care of our skin? Is there anything we can trust which will not damage our beautiful skin? We may not always have time to make organic products at home and even if made them at home, those products will usually not have a long shelf life. In these circumstances, we need an alternative that is safe for us and doesn’t get spoiled in a few days.

A solution to this problem is to buy organic products that have natural ingredients and preservatives. There are companies in the market which genuinely care for us as much as we do for ourselves. These companies produce safe and natural products.

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