Pimple and Acne Cure With Natural Home Remedies

Often confused as the same, acne and pimples are different. Though many of us have suffered from either or both- acne & pimple breakouts, knowing how to differentiate one from another is important before tackling them. Lets know a little more about pimple & acne- causes & cure with natural home remedies.
Acne, is a more broader term to describe break outs that are more persistent & caused due to blockage of follicles whereas pimples are caused by blocked skin pores & may occur infrequently. Another difference to note is that acne may or may not have a head & can be a cause of hereditary factors. Suffered mostly but not necessarily during teen & adolescent stages due to hormonal imbalances, pollution or bacterial infections, acne can occur on face, neck, shoulders, chest and back too!
Pimples on the other hand can occur due to seasonal changes, exposure to dirt & pollution or stress too!
Though we all know the benefits of keeping our facial skin clean, cutting down on oily foods, avoiding unnecessary exposure to harmful sunrays etc. here are some natural home remedies
Home remedies for acne:
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree oil is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied externally tea tree oil helps control oiliness as its also a mild antiseptic. For an easy home remedy mix a few drops of tea tree oil with diluted apple cider vinegar & apply over the affected area. Alternatively use our all natural tea tree toner that helps banish acne & oily skin everyday. Made with aloe vera gel & tea tree hydrosol, the toner bottle is an easy addition to your travel kit too.
Green Tea
Green tea is another effective solution against acne & contains antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds that can help fight acne. To use, brew one tea bag & cool. Wash you face with the cooled green tea or transfer to a spray bottle & spray all over face & neck area.
Rhassoul Clay with Honey
For a quick easy DIY, make a gentle cleansing mask with our Rhassoul clay that is rich in minerals like silica, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium along with honey & organic rose water. Studies show that honey’s antibiotic properties can also help tackle acne. This gentle mask, suitable for all skin types, helps keep blackheads at bay.
Witch hazel
Witch hazel when applied externally, acts as an astringent & is an excellent skin toner that helps to fade bruises and blemishes. Apply natural & organic witch hazel all over your face after cleansing with a cotton pad. Alternatively, try our natural & organic Witch Hazel Hydrosol that is free from preservatives.
Home remedies for pimples:
Raw potato 
Potatoes contain anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties that help remove pimples & fade marks. Harvest fresh potato juice from one raw potato and apply with a cotton pad over the affected area. Do this daily till you see results.
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera, known for its healing & soothing properties also helps fight infection & reduce pimple marks. Harvest fresh aloe gel from an aloe plant & add a pinch of turmeric to it. Mix well & apply over affected area.
Mix a little ripe papaya pulp with multani mitti (fullers earth) & apply over affected area. Multani mitti is known for its properties to control sebum & papaya works wonders on the skin due to presence of enzyme called papain, known to remove skin impurities & dead skin cells.