'MASKNE' is Real - Here's How You Can Prevent Breakouts Caused by Wearing a Face Mask.

If you're experiencing a breakout of acne on the chin, nose and cheeks, due to your use of masks - you are not alone. A lot of dermatologists say that the friction of the mask against skin, apart from heat, humidity and greater blockage of pores, are to blame. 

While acne can be painful to experience, in our new 'After Corona' world, masks are here to stay. Here's a few tips suggested by the experts that will help keep our skin clear and healthy. 

  1. Use a gentle cleanser - one that is hydrating and pH balanced. Don't use a loofah, avoid things that would be abrasive on your skin. 
  2. Use a light moisturizer - something that easily absorbs into your skin like gels & serums. If you must wear makeup, avoid oil based foundations and try a tinted moisturizer instead.
  3. Layering on your sunscreen is important, even if you plan to be outdoors with your mask on at all times. That's right, your skin still needs shielding from the sun. 
  4. Wait at least 15 mins after your sunscreen application before wearing your mask. This allows enough time for your skincare products to absorb into the skin and not rub off on the mask instead.
  5. Once you're home, wash your hands before you take off your mask. This is to avoid getting any germs you may have on your hands, getting on your mask or face while you remove it.
  6. Wash daily if you use a fabric mask.
  7. For those using disposable masks, do ensure proper waste disposal (not just for the safety of those clearing garbage but also for the environmental implications that tons of disposal masks are bound to have).

 Most importantly though - stay safe, stay happy & stay healthy my beloved Rooted family.



P.S. Shout Outs to Good Morning America & The Sunday Times for some of these wonderful tips and Matthew Henry for the photo from Burst by Shopify.

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