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'MASKNE' is Real - Here's How You Can Prevent Breakouts Caused by Wearing a Face Mask.

If you're experiencing a breakout of acne on the chin, nose and cheeks, due to your use of masks - you are not alone. The friction of the mask against skin, apart from heat, humidity and greater blockage of pores, are to blame.  In our new 'After Corona' world, masks are here to stay. Here's a few tips suggested by the experts that will help keep our skin clear and healthy. 

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Good Gut = Good Skin

Does Gut health really affect your skin? Yes it does! It's not for nothing that Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have often used face mapping techniques to understand and diagnose skin problems as they relate to gut and digestive issues.  Nourished Life puts it simply – when skin conditions do not respond well to traditional skin care treatment, it’s time to look at your gut. “Gut problems and indigestion can actually affect the way your body retains the nutrients found in your diet, leading to poor absorption of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to keep skin looking healthy and potentially worsening existing skin conditions”.

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